"Skin Deep"

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                       As I sat down to write this one word came to mind, and that was SKIN.  As women we struggle most of the time trying to be comfortable in our own skin. With the presence of social media it makes it so hard for us as women to do so. Why do we compare ourselves to girls who are clearly using photoshop? I’m guilty of comparing myself more then I’d like to admit, we compare because society makes us feel as if we are not good enough if we don’t have the perfect body.  

                      Well in my mind I know, nobody is perfect and no one body is perfect. The only one who is, is the one who created us. You see, everyone has skin it may vary in shades some may have wrinkles or freckles some stretch marks but that’s what makes everyone unique and beautiful. Just like everyone skin is different, so are our bodies.  Some days I like to sit back and think about the millions of people in this world and how we may resemble one another but no one is YOU.

                         On the inside we are all the same. It makes me so happy to see plus size girls so comfortable in their own skin. I have struggled with my weight for my whole life and wanting to feel comfortable in my own skin, even after losing 90 lbs. I’m still considered a plus size girl and now a day’s that’s no longer a bad thing to me. As the years go by I find myself loving not only how I look but more importantly who I am on the inside.

                       I read a quote fairly recently that read “If we all were blind, who would you impress.”  That quote strikes a chord with me, and I got to thinking who would I impress? Instead of bashing other women we should lift them up, encourage and complement each other. Accept who you are, love yourself. If we live on the validation of trying to impress everyone, or look like what society wants we will surely fail. Be Beautiful, Be Bold and most of all be YOU!


- Courtney F.


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